Ambient Table


  • XAFS Spectroscopy under flowing inert gasses, typically helium
  • X-Ray Fluoresence Yield (XRF)
  • Transmission


The ambient table is a versatile endstation, housing different configuations for specific experiments. Ambient table setups available at SXRMB are:

  • Ambient gas chamber for FY and Transmission studies of thin samples
  • Liquid cells with magnetic stirring and ambient gas chamber
  • A cold finger apparatus for low temperature studies
  • A tube furnace and six shooter sample holder for solid-gas in situ reactions
  • A block heater and gas flow setup for gas-liquid in situ reactions

Users are also encouraged to bring forward ideas for new endstation setups if the beamline does not currently have an experimental setup that will suit their needs.

Ambient Table Configurations:

High temperature liquid-gas setup

 high temp liquid gas  high temp liquid two